A Peaceful World Without Poverty is Possible

Peace starts with citizens action effort and work for peaceful nation

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Welfare work in relation to poverty alleviation and entrepreneurship skill aquisition in respect to social groups such as the youth, women or children. Pasture Place NGO als help groups of people to unite at a grass-roots level and find their voice in local and national government. We have an economic focus on producer groups, women groups, and youth groups at local and international levels. We aim to help small businesses in any geographical area and may concentrate on particular functions such as providing training or microfinance SMEs. We help in scientific research in areas such as improved hospital equipments and agricultural methods.

What we do

Shape the future of Nigerian youth, women and children g unprecedented value and opportunities through vocational training, educational and entrepreneurship skill aquisition.

Our Mission

Fellow Humans.

Let me use this opportunity to welcome you to "Pasture Place Global"!

Founded to further societal or public welfare objectives, Pasture Place Global is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation. Our main goal is to help those who are in need, especially those who have been affected by armed wars, famines, and natural catastrophes.

We assist the underprivileged, the ill, the less fortunate, and those with human rights concerns. We participate in initiatives aimed at reducing poverty by teaching young people—men, women, and adults—how to establish their own enterprises.

We adhere to the slogan, "A just and peaceful world without poverty is possible."

Board of Directors

Chuks Mbe Ogo

Chairman and CEO